Wednesday, February 5, 2014

180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage

180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage by Dustin A. Wiggins

A couple weeks ago, a genuinely nice, decent-sounding guy named Dustin Wiggins contacted me and asked me to review his book. I said I’d be happy to read and review 180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage. I like marriage.

I have to admit that I found Wiggins’ self-help style book pretty sentimental. And I’m afraid that I’m a bit cynical, but that’s okay! We can meet in the middle.

The book is written for any couple wishing to invigorate or fortify their marriage, from carefree newlyweds to tired, middle-aged couples in need of fuel for the fire. The daily experiences are meant to be completed together, or at least reciprocally. The promised result is: “Upon completing the tasks in this book you will have developed a deeper love and appreciation for your spouse and you will have turned your marriage around 180 degrees.”

The tasks are to be completed in order and then documented on a blog. Finding 180 consecutive days with a period of time for each activity would certainly be challenging. For example, memorizing and reciting a poem, playing on a swingset, creating a time capsule and touring an orphanage are sweet ideas, but the realities of kids, work, and household chores may be a detriment. Maybe I’m just too practical.

I have to add that while visiting a prison to chat with a prisoner is a kind gesture, it makes for a pretty dismal-sounding date.

Some of the experience ideas that I love include: learning a new vocabulary word, doing 100 sit-ups (they can be spread out throughout the day – yesss!), memorizing a scripture, writing down and sharing five things you love about each other, gathering donations to deliver to a shelter, volunteering, and creating an activity jar.

The one-liners (or “positive affirmations”) at the bottom of each page create a theme for each experience idea. Like, “We understand each other” for the challenge to create a secret language.

I appreciate the super-wise counsel in the epilogue on how to avoid adultery. Wiggins is a thoughtful, talented writer with a passion for the sanctity of marriage. Three cheers for that!!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book! I blog about marriage as a newlywed and we are currently writing a book on that subject!